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Here you can see some articles I wrote the last weeks The Latin Kitchen (Latina magazine) Pascualina  Stuffed Tomatoes (Tomates Rellenos)  Criolla Salad About.com (New York Times co) ¿Polvo de Hornear o Bicarbonato de Sodio?  Variedad y tipos de manzanas Snack saludable: chips de Manzanas Manzanas Verdes Asadas Enjoy Hugs Uchi Aquí les adjunto …

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Criolla Salad (Ensalada Criolla) Bruschetta

It is fascinating to discover that many of the dishes we think are originally from our countries are also consumed by many other people, typically with a twist or a new ingredient we are not familiar with. The criolla salad (as we call it in Argentina) is actually popular in several Latin American …

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