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Chipotle Pickled Cucumber (Pepinos Encurtidos con Chile Chipotle)

Oh, these pickles! Chipotle Pickled Cucumbers. Pickles, cucumbers; both seem like silly names for such delicious foods. Sure, both seem like fairly standard, common, even boring, ingredients. But these pickled cukes? They are tangy, sour, bright, spicy little bites of goodness. Preserving food — which is what pickling actually entails — is not new. The need …

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Beet Chips with Herb Goat Cheese

Vegetable chips have been all the rage in recent years, shooting straight to the top of the snacks charts. And it’s no surprise: they’re devilishly addictive, but deceptively healthy. Now, most people prefer to eat foods that simply taste good, without considering if they are beneficial to our bodies. And usually, …

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