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Dried Tomatoes with Fresh Herbs

An easy and healthy alternative to store bought variations, these Dried Tomatoes with Fresh Herbs are a staple in my household. Used in many of my recipes, I prep these jarred tomatoes in advance, store them in glass containers with olive oil, label and date, and then grab them from the fridge for quick meals. Whether it’s to …

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Spicy Tomato Soup (Sopa de Tomates)

This tomato soup is a delicious way to start a meal. Light, healthy, and spicy, it’s got a Latin kick you can’t resist. I love homemade soups. Though pragmatists argue for picking up organic, canned soups (and those are a great options), sometimes it’s worth it to prepare your own.  First, while there are low sodium, …

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Healthy Lentil Stew

Ah, being a new mom. The exhilarating and exhausting days and nights of parenthood! So much to do and so little time and yet… one thought keeps fighting it’s way back into our minds: the weight. After becoming a mother, women (or at least me) often think about how quickly …

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